The importance of different types of chicken feed

Chickens need a balanced diet for good egg production and healthy growth; therefore farmers must keep a close watch on the chicken’s diet and ensure the correct feed along with plenty of water is supplied. One of the challenges many farmers are facing is when the chickens develop the habit of selective feeding, farmers try […]

Build A Vertical Wind Generator Using A Old Washing Machine Motor – DIY

Wind can be utilized to produce clean energy, which makes it a great alternative to fossil fuel. Moreover, wind power is renewable and widely available, not to mention that it produces no gas emissions during operation. Its effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from other power sources. However, wind turbines that […]

Canning Recipe – Apple Pie Jam

I found this amazing canning jam recipe a few weeks ago, and the whole family just loved it. It is absolutely divine. You not only get to enjoy the caramel flavored traditional jam on toast but also warmed and spread between layers of cake. In fact, there are so many forms in which you can […]

How to Build Cattle Panel Gardening Greenhouse

Livestock panels are a heavy-gauge, galvanized, welded wire mesh product. They are also known as “hog”, “cattle” or “sheep” panels. They make a great alternative to a low cost, building material for greenhouses, shelters, Arbors and Veggie tents or trellis, in addition to their regular use of temporary fencing and/or a framed fencing panel. They […]

Grow Your Own Food And Herbs With This Half-Pint Homestead Garden Barrel

If you live in a city and have a small space (a balcony, rooftop, patio etc.) you can still be a homesteader. This Plastic 55 Gallon Barrel Gardening Vertical Tower DIY Project is actually quite easy to create and becomes a wonderful option for urban homesteaders. Vertical gardening, a way to grow your own food […]